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Our IV Therapy Fleaux’s

All of our I.V. drips (we call Fleaux’s) can be customized to your needs. Any of our Fleaux’s can be combined. Or, if you have specific needs, our registered nurses and medical professionals can help you create a personalized formula so you can look, feel, and perform better!

After Party Fleaux

Rehydration, Recovery



Alleviate Fleaux

Minimize bloating, lower back pain,  discomfort from PMS


Allure Beauty Fleaux

Skin Brightener | Relaxer | mild pigmentation and skin issues | Hair, nails, skin


Beauta Fleaux

Skin Lightening, Melasma, Hair, Skin, and Nails


Brain Fleaux

Folic Acid with Bl2, L-Taurine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid


Curcumin IV Therapy

Auto-immune disease flare-ups | Leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s Disease | Rheumatoid Athritis

$300-1 Treatment

$800-3 Treatments

$1200- 5 Treatments

IV therapy promoting reproductive environment

Fertility Fleaux

Promotes healthy repoductive environment | Egg health | Motility in men


High Dose Vitamin C Fleaux

Immune Boosting

$180 (15g)

$190 (20g)

Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy

Hydrogen Peroxide Fleaux

Boosts immune system-Removes biological waste


Immunity boosting IV therapy

Immune Fleaux

Common Cold – Immune Boosting


Iron IV Therapy Supplement

Iron Infusion Fleaux

Low hemoglobin and ferratin level supplement


Lipoic Acid Mineral IV Therapy

Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LAMC) Fleaux

Nucleotide reductase | Synergistic with vitamins and minerals | Used in place of alpha lipoic acid | Protective against oxidative stress


Rehydration and Vitamin IV Therapy

Myers Cocktail Fleaux

Antioxidants and Vitamins for overall wellness and fatigue.


NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD+ Fleaux

Increases Concentration- Improves Memory-Increases Mental Clarity- Improves Mood – Reduces Pain

250mg – $250
500mg – $500
750mg – $750

IV Therapy to improve performance and recovery

Performance & Recovery Fleaux

Pre or Post Marathons and Triathlons | Heavy training Sessions | Combines/Training Camps


Pre and Post Procedure IV Therapy for inflammation of joints

Pre & Post Procedure Fleaux

Generalized inflammation of joints | Internal inflammatory conditions


IV Therapy for dehydration

Simple Hydration Fleaux

Electrolytes for Dehydration

$70 (500 cc)

$90 (1 Liter)

Nutrient blend IV Therapy for weight loss

Slender Fleaux

Nutrient blend for Weight Loss


General Immune boosting IV Therapy

Super Immune Fleaux

Common Cold -Stomach Bug- General Immune Boosting.


IV therapy for pre and post surgery wounds

Wound Healing Fleaux

Generalized inflammation in Joints | Pre and post surgery wounds | Internal inflammatory conditions


Fleaux Infusions IV Lounge

At Fleaux Infusions, we are focused on providing a safe and memorable experience. We offer: 

  • Treatment overseen by a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  • Customized IV therapy administered by certified consultants



  • Friendly service in a medical spa atmosphere