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Hydrogen Peroxide Fleaux in Plano

IV Therapy

Once hydrogen peroxide is introduced into the bloodstream, it converts biological waste products and toxins into stable substances, rendering them inactive. This inert property enables the kidneys and liver to effectively eliminate these harmful substances from the body.



Hydrogen Peroxide Fleaux

Hydrogen Peroxide

IV Infusion may last 90 minutes

Boosts immune system- Removes biological waste


How You Can Benefit

From IV Therapy

Quick Hydration

Intravenous delivery is the fastest way to replace fluids and hydrate your body. We can also customize your IV drip formula to address electrolyte imbalances. Drip therapy is ideal if you are dehydrated due to sports, the heat, or even a hangover.

Improved Vitamin Absorption

Because nutrients go directly into the bloodstream, patients benefit from faster and more complete absorption of vitamins and minerals. The quick infusion of essential nutrients is readily absorbed to refortify your body in less than an hour.

Higher Concentration of Nutrients

When taken orally, the potency of vitamins is compromised. As insult to injury, it can also leave you with an upset stomach. Because IV vitamin therapy bypasses the stomach completely, higher concentrations of nutrients can be administered.

Rejuvenated Appearance

IV therapies can be formulated to facilitate weight loss, rejuvenate the skin, and improve your overall appearance. We administer the solution that meets your unique needs and complements your other beauty treatments.

Overall Health and Wellness

Our IV therapies contain key ingredients that address your specific symptoms. Whether you feel chronically fatigued, have a poor immune response to illness, or can’t focus, we can recommend treatment to improve your overall wellness.