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Energy and Cognition Shots

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The body requires more vitamins when an increase in exercise occurs. Supplementing the body with needed vitamins will avoid fatigue and improve results.

Battery Pack Signature Shot 

Combination of Vitamin 812 and 8-Complex for energy production and brain power.




CoQlO is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body. Antioxidant for energy production, heart health, and cognition. Protects cells from damage.



Jet Pack Signature Shot         

Vitamin B12, B-Complex, CoQlO, and Glutathione for supercharged energy



NAD Signature Shot

Powerful vitamin for energy, cognition, focus, and mental clarity (50mg)

50 mg    $60

100 mg  $100


Vitamin B12                             

( Hydroxy and Methyl)

Methylated essential vitamin for energy production, relieve stress, and support mood. Packaged deals save when maintenance boosts are required. Hydroxocobalamin is a natural form of vitamin B 12. Essential for energy production, stress, and mood support.