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Frequently Asked Questions

What is I.V. Therapy

I.V. Therapy is an effective method for administering fluids, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This makes intravenous treatments remarkably powerful because they overcome the typical issues of oral administration such as low absorption, upset stomach and minimized potency.

Is I.V. Therapy Safe?

Yes. I.V. therapy has long been used and is FDA approved. Each I.V. therapy Fleaux is administered by a registered nurse and supervised under the direction of a medical doctor.

How Is It Delivered?

A quick and simple stick into a blood vessel is all it takes to get going.

What is a Fleaux?

Fleauxs are what we call our I.V. drip treatments. They are effective in body hydration and vitamin absorption.

How Often Can I Get a Fleaux

It depends on you goals but most clients get 1 to 2 Fleauxs per week.

What Types of I.V. Fleaux’s are Available?

We have currently have a variety of Fleaux’s available. Those are:

  • Simple Hydration Fleaux
  • Hangover Fleaux
  • Myers Cocktail Fleaux
  • Athletic Fleaux
  • Allergy Buster Fleaux
  • Slender Fleaux
  • High Dose Vitamin C Fleaux
  • Migrane Relief Fleaux
  • Pre & Post Procedure Fleaux
  • Anti Ox Fleaux
  • NAD+ Fleaux