Plano’s Premier Vitamin Hydration I.V. Lounge

Fleaux Infusions IV Lounge in Plano

Fleaux Infusions IV Lounge is a lifestyle spa that has modernized I.V. vitamin therapy. Conveniently located in Plano TX., our I.V. lounge offers vitamin drips, which we call Fleaux’s, designed to maximize wellness, increase performance recovery, and improve health and vitality. Our Fleaux’s utilizes a safe and well used process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed by your body.

The Perfect I.V. Fleaux

We offer a variety of vitamin and hydration infusions that may help reverse the daily stresses of life and replenish your body of depleted water, vitamins and minerals. Whether your personal needs are preventative or enhancement, the team at Fleaux infusions can help you meet your goals. Visit with our registered nurse or one of our trained medical consultants to select the Fleaux that’s perfect for you.

Why Drip with Fleaux Infusions

Our I.V. drip treatment’s (we call them Fleaux’s) may offer immediate wellness benefits for the body in the form of hydration and vitamin absorption. With Fleaux Infusions, hydration and vitamin absorption are two things you can quickly integrate into your lifestyle to improve vitality.


Because the human body is made up of about 2/3 water, hydration is critical for maintaining overall wellness. Functions such as maintaining healthy skin, eliminating toxins, increasing energy levels and even preserving proper brain function can be attributed to healthy hydration.

The enemy to wellness is losing too much water in your body without replacing it. This is known as dehydration. That water must be replaced otherwise dehydration can negatively impact your general health and overall mood. Common causes of dehydration are:

  • Exercise
  • Heat
  • Illness
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine

Our Fleaux’s include a minimum of 1 liter of IV fluids to help restore your body’s hydration back to healthy levels.


Many people take vitamins in pill form on a regular basis but most do not know that when taken orally, the body’s ability to absorb the pill based vitamin is usually only 15% of the nutrients. That means 85% of the vitamin pill is useless. With Fleaux Infusions IV Therapy, 100% of the vitamins, minerals and fluids may be absorbed immediately into your body.

Customized Fleaux’s

Each person’s body composition and needs are unique. At Fleaux Infusions IV Therapy, our team can customize your Fleaux. Each custom flow is created by our registered nurse to ensure our clients safety. For information on a customized Fleaux, call our clinic to schedule a consultation.

What to Expect

Our Fleaux’s take on average 30-45 minutes for the I.V. drip to be fully administered. Clients begin to feel (and even taste) the vitamins almost instantly!


Instant Hydration


Absorbtion in the Body


Administered by a Nurse

I could not believe how fantastic I felt after my Fleaux.


Happy Client

I immediately felt my energy restored after my Fleaux.


Happy Client